Acuvue 2 Colors vs Freshlook?

There is no single answer to these questions. Both brand lens to be very comfortable and look great. The only difference is the color. At the same time, the blue of ACUVUE will be very different from Freshlook blue. This depends on your face and eyes, and almost impossible to predict the results until you wear your color contacts.

Not pay much attention to how the lens looks in the picture, because you might look different. This happens most with enhancer lenses - blue eyes blue enhancer enhancer very different points on the ash-ash. Opaque color contact lenses can also be very different for different people, because this is not your natural eye color, but because the form of eye, skin and hair types.

If you select only one color, I suggest you to ask your doctor for two recipes: one for ACUVUE 2 Colors and another for Freshlook. Then the second thread. Almost the same price, if you want to no more than 2 boxes each to pay for your order.

Then, after imposing a new color contacts for a while, you decide what looks better.

Doctors usually give ujicoba color contacts. You really can not wear in public because the lenses conference, word "test" printed on them, but it gives you a reasonable idea about the color. Ask two free pairs, one from Freshlook and one from ACUVUE, and see what is best.

About price, ACUVUE Freshlook and cost about the same color for 2 boxes of 6 lenses. However, all monthly lenses FreshLook lens wear once, while ACUVUE 2 Colors are 2 weeks wear contact lenses. It seems Freshlook is twice cheaper.

If you think you give a little treat, getting color contacts would not disappoint you. And now, if you know what is best for you, you can choose with confidence.